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Dreaming is My Life

Dreaming is the one motivation for me. I can dream what I want. The dream will not have limit. I free to dream and none can stop my dream because only me that know what I dream. Dreaming that I mention is not same with anybody said. The dream that I mean is the dream which made when I am in conscious. Because in this condition I can arrange what dreams that I make the list and how to reach them. From this way, my dream can be organized and make them easy to be reached.

It is different from the dream which come from the sleeping. It is like a shadow that it can follow me but they cannot be reached by me. So, the dream will not become real in this life because it lives in the imagination only. In order that, if the dream only in my mind without strategy, how to get it, I think it will not be able to reach easily.

I know that anything which I want, I must struggle to get it. Because of it, I must make strategy to make it not hard to reach. I must be brave and I must throw out the fear from my mind. By them, I can be strong. By them the hardness can be easy to pass away.

Dreaming is My Life
When I find the hardness, sometime I feel I am weak. So, I must find motivation soon. If I do not find the motivation, I will not get the solution easily. I must share my problem to my close friend, my parents, my teacher, my brother and sister. Because if I stay in the mater, my feeling will be confused and it makes me hard to find the solution. After I get the solution, whatever the job or the target in my dream will easy to make it real in my life.

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