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Indonesia for Future

Indonesia is our beloved country. It is beautiful and all people in the world know it. We are proud become indonesian people. Besides beautiful, Indonesia is rich too. It has a lot of lovely island, beautiful beach, sea, rivers, mountain, gold, oil, natural gas, forest, animal, and a lot of more to explore.

Now days, Indonesian people do not manage the potencies like managing the natural resources well. They know how to consume, to use, and to spend, without know how to develope and manage them in the right way. It’s caused by the low of the human resources quality.

In this condition, the capitals get the benefit. They take the opportunity to get rich quicker and easily. They get cheap all the resources and get the benefit more and more. They explore and take the resources very greedy, like cutting the trees without planting, poisoning the sea and river and getting the fishes. Exploding dynamite for getting the corral. They broke the natural resources and ignoring keeping and managing them.
I think the are unconcious. It can be seen. They explore the resources and forget to reapaire it. They can break them.

In Islam, we are know that human is created by Allah become the leader (khalifah) in this world. The leader who manage and develope all the resources well. Especially in Indonesia as a potencial country. Indonesia has many natural and human resources that need to be managed and developed. So, the leader that has the high quality is very needed.

When the resources are diveloped and managed well, insya Allah the human resources quality will increase. When the human quality is high, insya Allah all the potencial resources in this country can be managed and developed well and also in the right way.
Indonesia for Future

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