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Visitting My Grandma's House

Berikut ini adalah salah satu contoh teks narrative dalam bahasa Inggris berjudul "Visitting My Grandma's House"

“Hoaaaaaam...” I was yawning on my bed. I woke up and set  my bed. Then I walked to mirror in my room. I saw my tangled hair. Huuuh... that’s very tousled hair. I brushed my teeth. After that I ate at 07.00 a.m. I released to ate everything that I want.
“Watching television time!” I said it to my self. I talked alone. But my mother heard it and she said, “why do you watch television, huh?”. And I said “so?” She said, “Hear me, please! Today we will go to your grandma’s house. Do you forget that?” Oh my god!I really forgot about it.
I brought my towel and I took abath. I took a bath for five minutes only. After that, I got ready to leave my house. Good bye Tasik city and welcome to Bandung! Bandung is my favourite city because Bandung is fashion and mode city.
On the road, I was very queasy and unable to endure vomiting. But, thanks God. I didn’t vomite because my mother gave me “antimo” quickly. Antimo is the medicine that can oppose the vomiting. Huuuuh... It’s very long time track! That made me felt bored. I was sleepy and I slept immediately.
“Teeet! Teet! Teeeeet! That is the sound of car’s horn. Oh my God! What happened? I so bored!!! It was very long stuck! That’s really long stuck. That got for eight hours. That will became the boring day ever.
Unfelt, we arrived to Bandung. This is Bandung way! Finally I arrived to my grandma’s house. Thanks God... “Assalaamu’alaikum... Hi, How are you? Long time no see. I really miss you, sist!” I said that while we shaked hands. “Wa’alaikumsalaa,. I’m fine, very well, thanks. And you?” “I’am fine too, where is grandma?” I asked. “ Over there, she sleeps in her room. She had painfull.” Answer my sister. Then I saw my grandma and what words that my sister said is true.
I unbraved to make she woke. She could saw me later. That it become surprise for her. I felt hungry suddenly. My sister gave me some foods. My sister made it all. That’s very delicious foods.
Then I played with my sister and my brothers. We played together for two hours. I saw my clock pointed 04.00 p.m, it’s the took a bath time. We returned to my grandma’s house. I saw my grandma was embroidering wool. She made wallet especially for me. The colour of the wool for my wallet is grey. She knows my favourite colour. Oww... That so beautiful. My wallet that was made by my grandma is very beautiful with flower decoration.
I felt hungry, and I bought noodle with meatballs. That’s very dellicious meatballs. Becaiuse delicious, I bought two portions of meatballs.
Visitting My Grandma's House
I saw the clock. And now is 08.00 p.m. and the stranger thing, I wasn’t sleepy. Instead I opened one trap with my sister and my brother. After that we were sleepy and we slept together.
The following day, I thought I will cut my hair with my aunt at salon. The salon is very far from my grandma’s house. Short time, we arrived into the salon. Waiters were cut my hair and my aunt’s hair. We satisfied with this result. My hair, I love my newhair model. After cuting hair at salon, we went to mall for shopping. We bought kitchen tools, etc.
We back to grandma’s house at 01.00 p.m. before that, we lunch at duck stall. My aunt and I ate together at that stall. But we did not forgot to buy the same foods for grandma, uncle, grandpa, my mom, my sister and my brother. They love roasted duck too. After that I took nap with my sister and my brother. I woke up at 03.30 p.m. I saw my sister and brother. They looked tired. They slept so fast a sleep.
Playeing-taking a bath-praying-assigning-eating-sleeping-watching-shopping-etc., they became my ry routinity for this holiday. Holiday at my grandma’s hour for a week. We spent this time together with my family until I must come back to Tasik. I must come back to my origin city. Okay... I came back to Tasik one day before back to school. That’s made me weary, isn’t it? Okay.. Goodbye fashion city, welcome back to resik city!!

By Silma

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