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How Easy The English Is


After we know how hard the English especialy for Indonesian people, now the writer tells about how easy the language is. In this writing, the writer writes the solutions how to make the language easy for study. It can help you to be able to use English in your life.

As we know, English is not obligated. It is foreign language in Indonesia. It us not used by Indonesian people in their daily activity. It makes the language hard to use.

English is same with the others language. It has carracteristic that makes the language unique. One of them is how to spell, write, and pronunce it. It is not sam with other language. The similarity whith other language is the using of the languages as a communication tool.

To make the English become easy to use, we need a new perseption. It is important way. Change our opinion that English is hard. We must think that English is easy and simple.

How Easy The English Is
Like the others language, English can be mastered when the language is used in every activity. It is caused the language is skill not knowledge. Skill can be developed by practice it only. It means that English must be practiced every time. It is not same with knowledge. The knowledge is used when we need it only. Like memorizing before join an examination at school, knowledge is more dominant to use. After the examination finish, the knowledge will go away from our mind.

Because English is skill so using the language is very significant to help people to master it. When we use English every time, it will be our habit. It will make us easy to use English and the hardness will be go away.

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