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How Hard to Speak in English

Now day we know that Englis is an international language. It’s used by people in every country. Every one know the language. It is still as a foreign language. Because every country has their national language.

Like in Indonesia, English comes as a foreign language and Bahasa Indonesia (BI) is as national language, because many people in Indonesia can speak BI. Also BI is used in their daily activity. It is not same with English. Indonesian people still hard to use the language.
We can find many problems or factors that make English still hard to use. The first, English spelling is not same with BI. BI is more simple than English. Beside that, to pronounce BI is easier than English.

For example, when we say some vocals like A, I, U, E, O in English when we say “A” we must say “ei”, “I” we must say “ai”, “U” we must say “ju”, “E” we must say “i:”, and “O” we must say “ou”
When we say them in BI, it is very simple. In BI when we say “A” we say “Ʌ” by opening our mouth. When we  say “I” we say “i:”. When we say “U”, we say “ʊ”. When we say “E”we say “e”. When we say “O” we say “ͻ:”.

Beside to pronounce English, the others problem is the people habit in using English. It is very hard because Indonesian people is rare or never using this languge. In their opinion, English is not their requrement. Because they do not need this language in their life. They feel enough to use BI for their activity.
How Hard to Speak in English
They are the problems of why the English still hard to use by  Indonesian people that the writer can tell tou you. After the explanation, in the next article I will share about how easy the English language is.
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