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Kumpulan Novel Karya Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown lahir di Waco, Texas, dan tumbuh di Fort Worth. Dia belajar di Cristian University di sana. Akan tetapi dia meninggalkan kuliahnya pada tahun 1968 karena dia menikah dengan Michael Brown. Setelah menikah, dia bekerja di stasiun Televisi menjadi reporter.

Sandra mula menulis pada tahun 1981. Sejak saat itu dia menerbitkan 70 novel dan lima uluh diantaranya menjadi nobel terlaris di New York. Ada beberapa novelnya yang sudah disulap menjadi layar lebar pada tahun 1994.

Saat ini ada sekitar 80 novel yang sudah ditulis oleh Sandra. Berikut ini adalah daftar novel karyaSandra Brown.


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Sandra Brown was born in Waco, Texas, and raised in Fort Worth. She majored in English at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, but left college in 1968 to marry her husband, Michael Brown, a former television news anchor and award-winning documentarian of Dust to Dust. After her marriage, Brown worked for KLTV in Tyler as a weathercaster, then returned to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area where she became a reporter for WFAA-TV's version of PM Magazine.

Brown started her writing career in 1981 after her husband dared her to. Since then, she has published nearly 70 novels and had more than 50 New York Times bestsellers. In 2008, she was presented with an honorary doctorate of humane letters from her alma mater, TCU.

Kumpulan Novel Karya Sandra Brown
Her novel French Silk was made into a movie, released in 1994, for television. Susan Lucci, Shari Belafonte, and Lee Horsley starred.

In 2007, she contributed to Court TV's series Murder By The Book, about the murder of Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980.

These are English novel Collection. Sandra Brown Novels special for you...

22 Indigio Place (1986)

A Kiss Remember (1983)

A Secret Splendor (1983)

A Treasure Worth Seeking (1982)

A Whole New Light (1989)

Above and Beyond (1986)

Adam's Fall (1988)

Another Dawn (1985)

Anthology Love Is Murder (2012)

Anthology No Rest for the Dead (2011)

Best Kept Secret (1989)

Bitter Sweet Rain (1984)

Breakfast in Bed (1983)

Breath Of Scandal (1991)

Charade (1994)

Chill Factor (2005)

Deadline (2013)

Demon Rumm (1987)

Eloquent Silence (1982)

Envy (2001)

Exclusive (1996)

Fanta C (1987)

Fat Tuesday (1997)

French Silk (1992)

Harry Potter British Edition

Hawk Toole Hostage (1988)

Heaven Price (1983)

Hello Darkness (2003)

Hidden Fires (1982)

Honor Bound (1986)

In A Class By Itself (1984)

Led Ashtray (1985)

Lethal (2011)

Long Time Coming (1989)

Love Beyond Reason (1981)

Love Encore (1981)

Low Pressure (2012)

Mirro Image (1990)

Noy Even for Love (1982)

Play Dirty (2007)

Prime Time (1983)

Rain Water (2009)

Ricochet (2006)

Riley in the Morning (1985)

Seduction by Design (1983)

Send No Flowers (1984)

Shadow Yesterday (1992)

Slow Heat in Heaven (1988)

Smoke Screen (2008)

Standoff (2000)

Sunny Chandler's Return (1987)

Sunset Embrace (1985)

Sweet Anger (1985)

Temperatures Rising (1989)

Tempest in Eden (1983)

Temptation Kiss (1983)

Texas! Chase (1991)

Texas! Lucky (1990)

Texas! Sage (1991)

The Alibi (1999)

The Crush (2002)

The Devil's Own (1987)

The Rana Look (1986)

The Silken Web (1982)

The Switch (2000)

Thrill Of Victory (1989)

The Twilight Saga

The Witness (1995)

Thursday Child (1985)

Tidings of Great Joy (1988)

Tiger Prince (1984)

Tomorrow's Promise (1983)

Tough Customer (2010)

Two Alone (1987)

Unspeakable (1998)

Where There's Smoke (1993)

White Hot (2004)

Words of Silk (1984)

Mean Streak (2014)
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